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Mike Ryan

Carrington Business Park, Manchester, UK
Mike Ryan has been associated with the IBM Mid-Range since 1977 and has made a career in Systems and Data Management.  Mike has grown with the IBM Midrange and POWER systems, always seeking out the best way to configure, implement and get the very best out of all the systems, new and old.

In getting to grips with more and more ways to manage and bring out the most in IBMs POWER platform, Mike has embraced many new technologies, philosophies and methods to make use of the many flavours of O/S on the POWER systems and is well placed to make comment on current market trends and opportunities.

Now as the Chairman of i-UG and Common UK – and spurred on by IBM’s new-found love of the IBM i O/S- Mike is putting forward some challenging, independent and pragmatic views on the options we have for growing, adapting and looking after our systems and applications as the platform moves inexorably forward.